10 Hottest Zambian Songs 2019 || Zed Music

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This year though not rolled out yet has seen so much talent in the music industry. Musicians have really worked had to impress their fans and followers.

But personally, i think the songs that are happening this month or this year so far include;

  1. Y Celeb Ft Jay S & Sub Sabala – Ndefwila Pamusana

2. Y Celeb Ft Muzo Aka Alphonso & Khlassiq – Da Vinci Code

3. Yo Maps – Single

4. Yo Maps – Life Yanga

5. Moz B Umushilika – Ngele

6. Dope Boys Ft Ruff Kid – Testimony

7. Shenky Shugah Ft Jae Cash – Break Off

8. Masereti Ft Muzo Aka Alphonso – Wagwan

9. Koby Ft Izrael & Ben Da Future – King Maker

10. Macky 2 Ft Chef 187 – Bring it back

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